Moat Analytics

Finally, True Cross-Platform Analytics

Top brands and publishers run Moat Analytics on trillions of ad impressions and content views to measure and drive attention.

Trusted by the ecosystem for more, for longer

Be ready for what’s next with the industry’s most exhaustively tested suite of ad and content metrics.

With billions of dollars transacted on metrics that didn’t exist a few years ago, precision and rigor in digital measurement matter more than ever.

Over fifty metrics in video and display that pass Media Rating Council scrutiny

Campaign, creative, domain, URL, placement, author, and impression transparency

No measurement company has held more viewability certifications for longer

Attention Analytics has legs: measure mobile

Always-on mobile web analytics and the widest footprint for in-app ad measurement in display & video.

The most sought-after digital screen is sitting in your pocket. Clock every second of exposure, quantify the audibility of your message, visualize every touch, and measure viewability in-geo and in-demo in real time. Optimize your mobile viewability with exclusive mobile pre-bid data. Drive attention and effectiveness.

Seen, heard and felt: video analytics you’d never pause

How many seconds of sight, sound, and motion does it take to move the attention needle with a consumer?

Sixty real-time video attention metrics

MRC-accredited video viewability

Custom definitions of viewable

Mobile video analytics

CTV & OTT analytics

Pre-bid viewability and humanity optimization

Audibility measurement

Player size detection

Census-based audience measurement

Geo verification

Through Moat’s exclusive platform and pre-bid integrations, marketers can transact on original and industry-specified Moat signals in digital video in a way they never could in broadcast media. Moat measures more digital video ad impressions than anyone, globally.

Non-Human traffic stops when precision measurement begins

Backed by a proprietary and exhaustive methodology for non-human traffic detection, Moat identifies and provides email alerts on dozens of forms of invalid ad traffic. With an investment of thousands of hours of continual diligence to detect and help block NHT, we know how non-human works and how to stop it.

Marketers who use Moat don’t pay for impressions served to non-humans, and platforms that use Moat programmatically remove invalid traffic, pre-bid. Brand-safe, human, and viewable are table stakes in digital marketing.

Data unification: a platform for all your data

Apples-to-apples comparisons in one place, from in-app social network campaigns to connected TV, one real-time dashboard gives you access to what you need to make smarter marketing decisions.

Third-Party Data Has a Home - From audience and demographic data to ad server counts to DMP segment information, unify your third-party data under one roof and turn data into action.

Alongside real-time ad analytics and content analytics metrics captured by Moat tags, pull your DoubleClick, Sizmek, Atlas, OAS, AppNexus, PointRoll, Nielsen OCR/Digital Ad Ratings, BlueKai, Krux, Lotame, and Grapeshot data into Moat for unified campaign reporting and single-click PowerPoint automated snapshots. The fastest and most flexible analytics UI with the most in-depth viewability and NHT benchmarks in the ecosystem.

Global availability

We support you and your partners in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and throughout the world. Every day. 24/7.

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