Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the company called Moat?

The name of the company is inspired by Warren Buffett who has said that "a truly great business must have an enduring moat." Buffett believes that a strong brand functions as a powerful moat around a company. Disney, Coca-Cola, Google, and Apple - these are all companies who have gotten their start from technological innovation but over time are able to maintain their dominant market position through the strength of their brands. (Watch video of Buffett discussing brands and moats.) Our goal at Moat is to create products which help companies build and strengthen their brands online and ultimately fortify their moats.

Are there any advanced search options?

Yes! Moat Ad Search supports several advanced search operators that can be added to your query to fine-tune the results you find. You can read about them on the Advanced Search Operators page.

How are Moat Ad Search results compiled?

Moat Ad Search is a search engine that focuses on ads instead of other kinds of online content. Our results are compiled using a web crawler that is specifically tuned to look for ads on the web and index them for later retrieval. Moat Ad Search is covered by the same fair use rights as search engines that index websites, videos, images and other types of content. Moat also accepts submissions from advertisers and agencies that wish to have their ads included.

Is there a fee for using the service or including my ads in Moat Ad Search?

Nope, we do not charge any fees for using the basic search engine or including ads in the search results.

How can I include my ads in Moat Ad Search?

Glad you asked! If you would like us to include your ads, you can submit via the ad submission form.

We're a creative agency and we would like to receive an attribution credit for the ads that we've built. Can this be done?

Yes, we love to give credit where credit is due. Please use our contact form to let us know which ads are yours.

I would like to suggest a change to a search result. Is this possible?

Yes, we certainly appreciate your help. If you mouse-over a search result, you’ll see an enlarged thumbnail with a link to our “flag” functionality. If you flag a result, it will be reviewed by our team.

Do the companies whose ads appear in the search results endorse Moat?

Just like the results of other search engines, the ads that appear in the Moat Ad Search results are not there because the companies are affiliated with or endorse Moat. All the trademarks, service marks and copyrights in the ads are the property of their respective owners.

What do I do if I believe an ad violates my intellectual property or other rights?

Please click here for our infringement policy.

Because Moat Pro is designed to display advertisements, we recommend that you disable your ad blocker before you continue browsing.