Sr. Client Onboarding Specialist
New York

Moat, Inc.


Job Title: Senior Client Onboarding Specialist – Business Intelligence


Location: 28 E. 28th Street, 15th Floor, NY, NY  10016


Duties: Collaborate with Engineering, Operations, Sales, and Client Service teams to synthesize current business intelligence and trend data to support recommendations for action. Act as subject matter expert for company strengths and capabilities. Roadmap the business to it’s successful operations. Analyze client needs and product requirements to determine feasibility of design and value to end clients. Create insight and analysis decks based on client needs using live confidential data. Manage client accounts at various stages including implementation and setup. Identify and monitor current and potential customers using business intelligence tools (IE Salesforce, Marketo, etc.). Maintain and update business intelligence tools, databases, dashboards,  and systems (IE JIRA, Salesforce, etc.). Analyze competitive market strategies through analysis of related product, market, and share trends. Communicate with customers, competitors, suppliers, professional organizations to stay abreast of industry or business trends. Manage timely flow of business intelligence information and analysis to internal and external users through presentations or collateral. Collect business intelligence data from available industry reports, public information, field reports, and purchased sources. Identify and analyze industry or geographic trends with business strategy implications; and Analyze technology trends to identify markets for future product development to improve sales of existing products.

Job Requirements: Bachelor's degree (US or foreign equivalent) in Statistics, Math, Business, or Finance and three (3) years experience in market and business analysis. Prior work experience must include two (2) years the following: Developing reports and/or roadmaps to improve process and client experience; Creating and delivering presentations and collateral around various client needs; Managing projects in all phases of the business development, understanding the relationship between business needs, design and functional requirements; Performing financial analysis including business intelligence gathering, financial data analysis, and financial strategic planning and reporting; Working with various business teams to satisfy stakeholders’ business, technical, or financial needs. Prior work experience must include one (1) year of the following: Utilizing extensive technical and product knowledge to resolve complex issues such as the successful resolution of discrepancies between first and third party data, troubleshooting tracking complications through test page troubleshooting or pixel-fire decoding; Creating and delivering presentations and collateral for internal training purposes; Structuring and utilizing ticketing systems (IE JIRA, Zendesk, Sauna, TRELLO.); to create clarity and develop plans to lift KPI (Key Performance Indicators) metric performance;  Working within the digital marketing industry and exposure to different players in the ecosystem; Mentoring junior employees; and  Identifying user engagements and making recommendations by analyzing usage data and product capability.



Mail resume to Jaclyn Terran, Moat, Inc., 28 E. 28th Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY  10016. Job ID: MOAT-2017-01.

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