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Enterprise marketing and ad intelligence for buyers, sellers, and everyone in between.
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Mobile and desktop, direct and programmatic

Focus in to see a single creative, or zoom out to see a brand’s media and measurement strategy, in full context.

Visualize current and historical direct and programmatic relationships among brands, publishers, and all their intermediaries in mobile and desktop. Search through the creatives a brand has run from currently in-market to over three years of history. Filter to see a publisher’s latest direct deals. Discover where mobile and programmatic dollars are moving over time.

View the creatives that were actually trafficked online

With 3+ years of data, industry trends come into clear view

Filter and sort the data to hone in on the insights most relevant to you

Video intelligence, in true color

Tens of thousands of pre-roll creatives at your fingertips, with sound and the sites they’re on. Play them to get a grasp on a brand’s creative strategy, and dive into the data to understand where the video is delivered. Moat Pro gives you unprecedented insight into the rapidly growing ecosystem of video ads.

Full-page captures of tens of thousands of high impact ad experiences

All the motion and emotion created by top Web page ad experiences, captured in full, every day. Skins, takeovers, interstitials, billboards, expandables, overlays, and more. High Impact gives you the true experience that users see.

Email alerts, share of voice trends, and instant prospecting tools

Tools built on the industry’s most actionable marketing and ad intelligence data. Get notified when a brand launches a major new campaign, discover shifts in spending priority, and identify the brands most likely to buy your media.

Go ahead and mock

What do your creatives look like on a given site? Moat’s mock tool generates presentation-ready links and screenshots that feature any ad placed on any page. Just select or upload your creative, drag & drop it onto the site, and you’re done. You can even share your mocks and have your creatives fully animate in front of whoever views them!

Ad intelligence wherever you are

Access competitive intelligence and insights anywhere with the Moat Pro iOS and Android apps.

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